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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Movement Inventing Little. (But that's Okay)

     I've heard some people calling anyone attached to any part of the current culture and associating with the Occupy Movement to be opportunists. Look, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Unions, have been talking the talk and walking the walk for years. They are far from opportunists, Occupy people are the ones late on the uptake. Richard Trumpka has been fighting corporate greed for 30 years, All the unions have been around for nearly a hundred, but all these students, new deminted worker bees, underemployed college grads, and nardowell old hippy liberals are now facing the new realities caused by the previous 30 year beat down of the social democratic world created by LBJ in the sixties, and are  finally fully getting it.  

     Hey to sit around a cry opportunist on established progressives is like someone calling the Occupy movement a little stupid cause they are just arriving late to the American funeral. Dare I suggest, where they fuck have the occupiers been? Narcoleptically snoring and drooling off the leftover crumbs of corporations since Reagan took office? I digress. 

    To grouse and moan and divide the people is just foolish. Would you call MLK an opportunist? Gloria Steinem? Well they been talking the talk a long long time, so truth is, Occupy hasn't invented anything, its just that the corporations have crossed way over the line now, and cut off the occupiers puny crumbs. The only thing new here is the occupy group for the last 30 years had simple jobs waiting for them, well surprise! Not anymore.  

     Guess what, the people that the occupy settlers are bashing have been vilified by a majority of the political establishment and corporations since time began, so don't go calling anyone opportunists. Unless of course you are a republican troll, and then I get that.  Bottom line, if you are earning wage of any amount, you are the resistance. Bottom line, every person who has to work, or can work has everything at stake.  Carl here!  

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