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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mayor--Hosni Mubarak--Bloomberg Must Go!!!!

As Keith Olbermann stated in is "Tyrant" video, Mayor Michael Bloomberg must resign. He has shown his cards as to what kind of person he really is----a neo-tyrant.

Being a Jew, he should have known better!!!

Being a Jew, his ancestors knew what tyranny was, and what a tyrant can do.

As a Jew, Bloomberg stood in the same footprint as other tyrants, such as Richard M. Daley of Chicago, Joe McCarthy.

Bloomberg decided to stand against the unarmed, and the children of his generation but instead, with the corporate elite tyrants that had taken down, and stolen our economy.

Bloomberg does not stand for democracy but for oligarchy, and corporate control of humanity.

Michael Bloomberg was go!! He must resign, along with his Brown Shirt police chief.

Bloomberg, in spite of his wealth, he showed that he does not support change. We witnessed regime changes throughout the Middle East. Did Michael Bloomberg say that the U.S. should NOT support those regime change protests and encampments? But now, he is saying he does not support the same sort of protest that we have seen and continue to see happening in nations where the elite continue to control the 99%.

Occupy Wall Street is basically calling for those in power to change their game plans to stop the theft of our economy, our government, our election process, our legislatures, our court system  by a select few called the 1%.

Maybe, just maybe, the Occupy Wall Street movement should be calling for regime change right here in the United States. Right now, we have 90% of the Republican House of Representatives siding, through their pledges to Grover Norquist, that the Federal Government should not be raising taxes, and that the United States should be operating under a balanced budget process. Their real goal is to "Starve the Beast". This means to basically bankrupt the federal government.

Such actions are to benefit the 1% by strangling public services, public jobs, and entitlement programs. For the 99%, we might suggest that such beliefs are made by traitors to the country. What we are seeing in our Congress, and in State governments, are members-elected members-who hate working people, their good paying jobs, if they have one, their benefits, their union memberships, and more. I would suggest that these people are traitors to the Constitution and display a disloyalty to the belief that this nation is founded on an equal opportunity for all.

It is time to take this country back from the Corporate Royalists, a term used by FDR.

We want regime change in this country. So, let's begin with Bloomberg and his Brown Shirt police chief.

Have not these NYPD officers woken up to the fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement is in support of their pensions, and their benefit packages, and their right to be a part of a union? Yet, these people fight the innocent protesters like they are military insurgents and the enemy. They dress up like storm troopers and attack those people who support their worker's rights, and more.

Bloomberg made these officers attack and destroy the encampment and more. But instead, Michael--Hosni Mubarak--Bloomberg has further empowered the movement to push forward even harder.

Let Us Say Together---"Bloomberg resign--America is NOT a fascist nation".

"Bloomberg Must Resign. Democracy Must Prevail."

In addition, we must find progressive candidates to run for offices around the country, and for president!!!

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