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Friday, November 18, 2011

Here is graph that shows clearly just why we have a failed economy and why there is an Occupy Wall Street Movement underway.

What we had were Republicans under Lil'Boy Bush spending the nation into a crisis, then leaving on a jet plane after the inauguration for Obama to clean up. I must say that I don't like what Obama has been doing, but one must admit he had been left to clean up a giant mess dumped on him by a Republican Congress still in office. 

This Republican Congress is responsible for the mess, along with culpable Democrats who went along with the economic terrorism.

Today we have a Republican leadership whining about how Obama has been a socialistic president spending the nation into a bigger crisis, all the while were silent when their BOY did even more damage. Why were they not calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment under Lil'Boy? All they are are hypocrites, liars and con-artists.

It is no wonder that we have people lining the streets angry and wanting real change that we can believe in. They are angry that Obama has continued to do more of the same and rewarded the 1% who took down the nation's economy and shifted jobs overseas, as well as stealing more and more of the nation's wealth for themselves leaving the working people with less and less of the wage pie.


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