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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Watch Your Back Occupiers--The Dark Side Is Infiltrating

The mayor of Atlanta has stated that there was a guy with an assault weapon walking around the protest site and he did not feel it was safe for the public to have such a person doing that. Yet, it is legal in the state of Georgia to allow for the open carrying of weapons and assault rifles. This is their law, yet the mayor did not like the fact that a person protesting was carrying such a weapon and obeying the law. I guess, looking scary is a crime in Atlanta.

Hey Mayor--is it or is it NOT permitted to carry? It is YOUR law.

Who was this guy, anyway? Did the police question him? Was he an insider from the police, or the FBI, or the CIA? Was he from Homeland Security? Was he a plant from the Dark Side of the State House?
Sabotage and infiltration of groups is a way they do it.

What we have now is a push from the Wall Street elite pulling the strings of their political hacks running local and state governments to stop the Occupy movement.

They are afraid of the momentum. Currently, 33% are in favor with the protesters. In a month or two or three, it might grow to 50%. This cannot be stopped now.

The movement is growing. The energy is building. The support is mounting.

We have more and more working people stepping out onto the street in support.

The corporate and financial Wall Street elite who have corrupted the system, stolen the taxpayer's wealth from under their mattresses and bank accounts and retirement funds are upset that their golden apple cart is being tipped over.

Barack Obama has morphed into Warren G. Harding, a president who supported the corrupters. Obama has his head in the sand, his mouth is glued shut, and keeps his hands in his pockets. He is a disgrace. He should be vocal about the police brutality, the wounding of Americans who are protesting against the corruption and theft of our wealth, along with the transfer of our wealth worldwide to various foreign banks and financial institutions as America falls into decay and the unemployment figures grow; and, that being poor and low income has turned into a death sentence because not everyone has access to health care.

Obama is more about having Jeffery Immelt, from GE, raise cash for his re-election campaign.

Obama needs to step down from his office and allow other Democrats run against the GOPers, whose agenda is even scarier than what has gone on to-date.

We need regime change!!!! And, Mr. Magic Underpants Mitt Romney is NOT the change we need!!!


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