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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Protesters Speak for 99% of all Americans

For all of you silent citizens walking and traveling to work and then back home to your families as Wall Street stole YOUR savings, stole your wages, stole your jobs and shipped them overseas, while jacking up commodity prices in order for those elite financial gamblers to glean nice transaction fees for clients seeking small gains and profits, your children and grandchildren have decided to do something about it all!!!


The people of Occupy Wall Street--Everywhere are mostly made up of YOUR children and grandchildren. They have decided to take to the streets, on YOUR behalf; and, speak on YOUR behalf loudly so the corrupt politicians, who are getting their palms greased by the likes of the Koch brothers, the Walton Walmarteers, GE, Boeing, Halliburton, Exxon, Scaife, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, big Pharma, etc. to point it all out and try and put a stop to it, once and for all.

The voices making up Occupy Wall Street--Everywhere are angry that the corrupt slime sitting on the Supreme Court allowing corporations the same rights as people (Citizens United vs. working Americans) have joined hands with the corporate elite so they can buy our elections and politicians more easily than ever. They have bought off the likes of Clarence Thomas over steak dinners. That was all it took for him to go slime.

Now, we have Eric Cantor and his fellow slimy slithers spewing such stuff "as the nation is being torn apart by protesters." Such actions being "un-American", while his own warm fussy Tea Party, bought and paid for by Dick Armey, Kochs, Scaife and other corrupt corporate conspirators were just fine to protest because those people were not going after Wall Streeters and the corporate elite (the very institutions that destroyed the economy--on purpose) but went after government representatives, such as weak and moderate Republicans and of course, those socialistic Democrats.

For anyone to believe that Obama is a socialist they need to get an education and read something relevant for the first time in their lives.

This is the election cycle's Black Swan (Nassim Taleb's economic theory). It will be a game changer. Now, the question is what will happen if there is a debacle in the financial markets while the protesters gather more and more momentum? A major turmoil will likely be created.

Obama continues to walk blindly into that good night. He needs to wake up from his deep Rip Van Winkle sleep and actually do the job he was elected to do, and follow his campaign promise of Change We Can Believe In. But, he is afraid. He is afraid to act because the corporate elite own him. They pull his strings. They bought him, and he went willing. He brought on the slime to his cabinet. He kept the slime on at the Fed. He appointed the chair of GE--Jeff Immelt to run his campaign fundraising, although Obama won't say that in public.

This is why YOUR children and grandchildren have risen up in the streets. YOU told them that getting a college education was important, and now, they cannot find relevant jobs to meet their resume skill sets.

They realize that many of the jobs are not coming back because nothing has changed to convince them otherwise. They have been fed a bunch of lies. And, this is because YOU -- daddy and mommy and grandpap allowed our politicians to sell off American jobs to the cheapest and lowest bidders in China and elsewhere. YOU accepted free trade agreements that eroded the American worker's job. And, you did nothing about it. You went along. You voted for corporate sell outs to represent you in Washington. You allowed them to blame union workers, give tax cuts for the richest among us, allow for huge tax loopholes for the Wall Street gamblers, blame benefits and reasonable wages as a reason for the economic collapse. You sat by as more and more working people went into poverty, lost their homes and savings over outrageous medical expenses, and witnessed health insurers weasel out of paying benefits that were promised due to one reason or another. The Wall Street elite invested in places without environmental laws, without reasonable wages, without reasonable working conditions, without child labor laws, without benefits which has kept the price of those cheap goods cheap. This is part of the Republican and Obama scam. This is part of the neoliberal philosophy brought to the White House by the Clintonestas who now occupy it, or have recently left it for brighter income pastures.

These political fails want to lower our environmental laws to keep pace with these nations that don't care about their environment. They want a pipeline laid from Canada to Texas because Canada does not want to build its own refinery for their mucky tar sand oils. They want to drill for Marcellus Shale natural gas next to schools, farmland and drinking water supplies. They want to cut off mountain tops in West Virginia to get the coal as the toxic runoff poisons farmland and drinking water. They want to lower air pollution standards.

This is why we have a movement called Occupy Wall Street. You cannot fool educated young people. Maybe the Tea Party can fool uneducated followers that want to 'Keep Government Outta My Medicare' but that is not the case with well spoken and more informed young people.

The movement is moving forward. The American Autumn Revolution has begun.


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