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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Terry Gross' Fresh Air Program Interviews

Terry interviews Ali "Soufan describes some of the key al-Qaida interrogations he conducted after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, which provided valuable intelligence to U.S. officials."

I had read a terrific article about him in the New Yorker following 9/11 and how he had been tracking bin Laden for years prior to the attack, as well as the attackers. He described in the article how the CIA and FBI were not communicating.

An Interrogator Writes 'The Inside Story Of 9/11'

Listen here.

Also, here is another Terry Gross interview. 

In The Obama White House, A Crisis Of 'Confidence'

A new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind paints an unflattering picture of rivalries and dysfunction within President Obama's first economic team — rivalries that Suskind says then slowed the administration's response to the financial crisis.
Ron Suskind's book is being discussed. "

The book Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President is based on interviews with more than 200 people, including the president, and quotes internal documents from the White House, which indicate that some of Obama's decisions were either not enforced or redirected by members of his administration.
Suskind joins Terry Gross for a discussion about Obama, whom he calls "a victim of very difficult and circumstances ... by virtue of being a brilliant amateur," as well as Obama's first economic team, led by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council chief Larry Summers."

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