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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Canadian Prime Minister Harper and U.S. President Obama Dance Together

Canadian Prime Minister Harper, and US President Obama have made a new cross-border deal. The spin Obama has been twirling is that he has, once again, conquered another obstacle in the world of international trade by sitting down with Harper and crafting a deal. A featherless feather stuck in his cap. But, in reality, it appears that Harper has decided to move in on the US trade markets making the Canadian economy stronger, while the US market weakens.

What we have seen today is another decline in manufacturing durable goods, and consumer’s confidence toward spending dropping, as well. US jobs continue to fall while the rich get richer. The only sector in manufactured durable goods that showed improvement went into the war and killing machines and systems, as we occupy foreign lands. That means that the only sector growing has little to do with the growth of the country and its self-sustaining future.

A commenter on the calling himself Greywolfe159 wrote “The wealthiest 5% of Americans control 72% of America’s financial wealth. The bottom 80% control only 7% of the nation’s financial wealth. The richest 400 Americans have more combined wealth than the poorest HALF of all Americans. That means 400 people have more wealth than 150,000,000 people combined. American corporations saw record profits in 2010. Nearly 80% of all economic gains made in the past thirty years have gone to the richest 1%. In the 1970s, the average CEO made 30 times what an hourly worker made. Today a CEO makes 300 times what an hourly worker makes.”

The US public debt is around 63% of US GDP, and the service on the debt is around 15%. If tax cuts to the richest predators in the country were done away with, there would be another $63B in revenues, but instead, these people who have benefited from the economic collapse, and from their destruction of the nation have not had to pay back what they took from the rest of us; but instead, have been rewarded for their contribution to the economic collapse of the country lasting over 30 years, and especially since 2000.

If you have not been watching, the dollar has been falling against the euro over the last few days.

In Japan, we have learned how some of the nuclear engineers have been willing to risk their lives in order to protect the nation and its citizens by reentering the failing nuclear plants. In America, the Bankstas who collapsed the wealth of average citizens took taxpayer dollars in the form of bailout funds to pay themselves bonuses, gamble on Wall Street, engage in non-transparent derivative trades, and more. These same Bankstas working in Japan used free Federal Reserve cash to buy themselves million dollar seats on charter jets to get outta Dodge (Japan).

Back on the dance stage of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama, Obama was told the moves by Harper, although Barack hasn’t gotten it figured out that way yet. Could he keep up with the work needed to perform on Dancing With The Stars?

The Koch Brothers, who are refining the vast majority of the Alberta Tar Sands coming out of Canada, want to continue to reap the huge profits gleaned from selling refined oil to consumers, and to funnel cash into ReThuglickcon campaign coffers as 2012 comes closer, want Obama to do exactly what Harper tells him to do. A left foot, then a right foot Barack.

In order for Obama to look like he has not given away the store, he offers up Homeland Security technologies to the Canadians in order to protect them from da’terrorists who hate their democracies, nationalized health care, inexpensive drug plans, higher mortality rates, jobs, functioning economy, and their cold bitter winter weather. To a terrorist crossing the Canadian border into the US, there seems nothing better than the beaches of North Carolina or Florida after a bitter cold Toronto, or Quebec, or Alberta winter!!!

Those holding the leash attached to Barack Obama’s nicely jeweled collar are the members of the CCCE, or the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. This group has hundreds upon hundreds of fat-cat rich Canadian corporate royalists making up all sorts of business sectors who want to move in on the US marketplace.

“In 2009, Canada’s exports of goods and services to the US were valued at almost $306.2B. Canada’s main merchandise exports were mineral fuels and oils, motor vehicles, and machinery.” From The Global Realm, 2-8-11, A North American Security Threatens National Sovereignty (1).

“Canada is the United States’ largest and most secure supplier of oil, natural gas, electricity, and uranium.”

“Imports of goods and services for the same year from the US were valued at $286.2B and merchandise imports consisted principally of motor vehicles, machinery, and electrical and electronic equipment. The two countries also have one of the world’s largest investment relationships. In 2009, direct investment in Canada from the United States was worth more than $288.3B, while Canadian direct investment in the US was $261.3B.”

The new treaty is called the United States-Canada Regulatory Council. Their goals are to address early threats upon each nation, the facilitation of trade, economic growth, jobs, the integration of cross-border law enforcement, and critical infrastructure and cyber-security. (1)

One big objective is to manage the flow of people, goods, and services and to watch every traveler, and their whereabouts before and after they cross the common border. More Big Brother intervention, no doubt, brought to you by Barack Obama and his HLS teammates.

It appears that Canadian big Pharma sees a lucrative market in the US, and the Canadians want to make sure they have reasonably priced pharmaceuticals at their disposal, not like the poor schmucks in the US who have to go into foreclosure in order to pay for their medical care.

Part of this agreement is the Partners In Protection (PIP). One partnership is with the United States Commercial-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Another is the Customs Self Assessment program (CSA). Another is the Trusted Traveller Programs, such as CANPASS, and NEXUS, and the Free and Secure Trade (FAST). Also, eManifest, which was developed by the Canadian Borders Service Agency (CBSA) in order to keep an eye on passengers, cargo, health, safety and security on the border, is on the radar.

There also is the Advanced Passenger Information/Passenger Name Record Program (API/PNR). Now don’t we all feel safer? In place will be the Integrated Border Enforcement Teams (IBETs). They will be able to “identify, investigate, and interdict persons, organizations, and goods that threaten the national security of one or both countries, or that are involved in organized crime activity.”

I now know that my travels, trade, security, and more will be in the good hands of Mr. Harper and Mr. Obama dance partners in one nation under Canada. Thank you boys!

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