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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Max Keiser Interviews James Howard Kunstler About Peak Oil

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Graycrow said...

While Kunstler's peak oil book "The Long Emergency" certainly caught my imagination, further reading of his work has been a bit of a disappointment.

His weekly blog Clusterfuck Nation reveals him to a Cassandra of epic proportions. Year on year he perdicts utter doom laden scenarios, stock market crashes, collaspe in civic society, fascist revolutions etc, that never come to pass.

He is quite nasty in his hatred of islamic culture, and violently distainful of people who doubt the (frankly unbelievable) official version of the events of 9/11 and the reasons for the invasions of iraq and Afghanistan.

Those who comment on his blog are in the main bizarre right-wing whack-jobs, doomers and freaky survialists.

His recent works of fiction, "A World Made by Hand","The Witch of Hebron" and many of his writings on 'New Urbanism' seem to suggest that he would like to live in some idealised little house on the prairie version of life in the 19th century.

I suppose though he is to be admired for making a living from his own imagination and he admits himself that he always wanted to be a writer of fiction.


Short Short Stories said...

Hi Rory,

Thanks for the comment about Kunstler. I read his posts weekly and do comment. I tend not to read the commenters for one reason or another.

Kunstler does tend to be over the top on several issues. I thought his interview with Max Keiser was realistic.

I have not read any of his books. Reading his weekly posts are enough for me.

His fantasy about living in his little house in his prairie is strange, since he flies all over the world giving speeches and lectures.

I do see the populist uprising in Egypt as the beginning of a major Domino Effect against tyrannical rulers. The uprising in Egypt had a lull, but now it seems the Mubarak goon squad is stirring up a fight.

The question is how will the flow of oil and natural gas be affected.

Thanks for commenting. Good to hear from ya!!!


Graycrow said...


Yes the above interview was reasonable, and Mr. K's peak oil viewpoint certainly is persuasive, however he seems to make a good living predicting the imminent collaspe of society. (That never seems to happen).

I was intitally encouraged by the uprisings in North Africa, but now feel that they will be diffused by the powers that be. The US and Isreal do ot want real democracy in the middle east.

We have a general election going on in Ireland this month and sadly there is no hope of real change dispite a total economic meltdown that has brought the IMF into our country. None of the major parties will instigate radical change and the public is too apathic and brainwashed to support anyone who will.

I think it is the same in your country, what happened to all that Change we can believe in?


Short Short Stories said...

I did see on your blogspot, Rory, the list of candidates and officials running.

The IMF austerity influence in Ireland is unfortunate. Iceland went the better route and forced the bankstas to take a major loss along with their investors.

What is going on Egypt with Mubarak sticking around and allowing his torture commander to take charge does not appear to sit well with the populist movement.

The former and present US official elite appear to continue to give Mubarak a pass in spite of the fact that they have funneled to him $60 billion through US aid projects, either military or humanitarian aid.

The perverts continue to have a voice


Graycrow said...


Yeah I was at meeting on Friday night and everyone in the room agreed that we should have done what Iceland did and let the banks fall.

The govt issued and unlimited bail-out to the banks without knowing how f***** up the situation was.

This has bankrupted the country for decades to come while letting the banksters and propertry speculators off the hook.

In any other country there would be a revolution but we Irish are strangely subdued. I think it's the massive quantities of floride thay put in the water.

I'm fed up, looks like the outgoing right wing Fianna Fail govt will be replaced by an even more right wing Fine Gael govt, who will go to even greater lengths to protect the banksters and their cronies and will hit the poor harder.