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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 2010 Tax Cut Giveaway To The Rich-Leave No Oligarch Behind

The Washington propaganda machine continues to spew out its message that Americans need to be afraid of the economic tsunami that will come wash upon our shores if the richest among us don’t get their additional, and more abundant handouts from the government.

The GOP (Grotesquely Outrageous Psychopathetics occupied by those who want the part in the new Crying Game movie—currently starring John da’Boner Boehner), and the Dysfunctional Democrats engineered by a president named Barack Obamadier, wants us to believe that new and sustainable future jobs will be created, even without any contingencies or requirements placed upon the rich to invest in domestic job creation with their newly anointed tax cuts, and refunds handed over by the taxpayers. We hear that without these tax cuts, the rich will not invest in job creation and expansion. So, this is what they have been waiting for? So, this is all it will take? I want to know where Obamadier gets his information that with these tax cuts our precious oligarchs WILL invest in job creation and expansion? It hasn’t happened so far. Why will it change NOW, Mr. Obamadier? The rich have invested in Wall Street, and not Main Street or Side Street. They have invested in foreign expansion, and not domestic expansion. Domestic demand continues to seriously drag.

 Now we are witnessing the slime ooze from underneath the acrid and moldy floorboards supporting the GOP’s flophouse as Slickie Rickie Santorum slithers out into the public arena, once again, after his Senatorial defeat by Robert Casey, Jr, of PA, when the voters told Sleazy Santorum it was time to find a real job and end the lies he told when trying to convince us all that he was really a Pennsylvanian and NOT a Virginian. He claimed he was a resident of PA because he owned a small, unoccupied Santorum home in Penn Hills, PA, when he no longer lived there. Instead, he and his family were full-time residents of Virginia. After his senatorial defeat, the trickie Rickie didn’t get a real job, but was employed by a rightwing ‘Sanitorium” think-tank allowing him to feed as a result of patrons throwing food into the think tank bowl where he ate along the bottom with the other sucker feeders.

Now this slime ball is out there testing the waters for a presidential bid, if LilWalenSarahPalin decides not to run. Maybe Dan Savage can resurrect his Santorum Savage Love column. See this.

Here is the word entry of Santorum, which is now archived forever in the Urban Dictionary. Santorum means this.

The reason SlimeBoy is “testing the waters” is because while Senator, his only hard-on was achieved when he spoke of privatizing Social Security through private investment account, which would have decimated those receiving Social Security if LilBoyBush had made it law. The private accounts would have been invested in Wall Street; therefore, the crash would have destroyed those recipient’s benefits. Good Boy Slickie Rickie! Santorum exposed!

This fool of a GOPie, resembling a hamster, (sorry hamsters) believes there is enough momentum in the regressive Congress to launch his loser-self into the White House. Let it roll!

The leading GOP 2012 presidential candidate LilWalenSarahPalin had a conversation with British Prime Minister David Cameron, and she said that, “Julian Asingsong [should be] brought to the US and executed for high treason with bells on it."

She appears to not be able to pronounce “Assange”. It sure doesn’t take brains to run for president. Not only is that a problem, but also she demanded that Julian Assange be hunted down like an international terrorist.

The Palen Palin said this, as well. [Assange is] “an anti-American operative with blood on his hands…[and we should pursue] with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders."

LilSarahpalin does not believe in democracy or freedom of speech, in spite of the fact that she studied, if that is what you call it, journalism! She believes that Assange is equal to Osama bin-Laden, who is referred to as a terrorist. She believes that LilBoyBush and Dickster Cheney are freedom fighters, and not in the category of individuals who committed high treason by stovepiping intelligence to justify a war in Iraq, and presenting lies as a premise for invading Iraq and engaging American soldiers in war. Nor does she speak of prosecution of Rumsfeld, or Rice (for disregarding the data presented by the outgoing Clinton White House that planes were being considered as weapons of mass destruction), or Gonzales’ support of torture!

Has the LilWalenPalin called for the guillotine to be resurrected in order to knock off the heads of those fraudster Wall Streeters and bankstas who purposefully took down the US economy, through a Ponzi scheme fraud, and created our greatest national security risk in current history?

Not Sarah Suckatash! She disregards whistleblowers, and believes that transparency in government is equal to high treason. It appears that Sarah Suckatash is a neo-fascist. This is what the GOPies have become: A party of Brownshirts.

Let’s go back to the con job that President Obamadier dropped upon the Great Unwashed suffering through this economic meltdown. This is what James Kwak (Baseline Scenario, 12-10-10 found on wrote: “Basically he’s [Austan Goolsbee, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers] trying to convince you that Obama won: Republicans wanted the top-end tax cuts and Obama wanted the “middle-class” tax cuts, and Obama conceded the top-end tax cuts, but in exchange he won lots of other great things: unemployment insurance extension, some sweeteners to the earned income tax credit, American Opportunity tax credit (for college), some sweeteners to the child tax credit, lower payroll tax, and an extension of some business investment credits. Notice which column he put them in. [Barack’s column, as opposed to the GOPie’s column is in his Youtube presentation.]

Mr. Kwak stated that not only did the Democrats want a middle class tax cut, but so did the Republicans!! The difference was they also wanted huge giveaways to the richest income earners among us, as well!!! And, they did not want additional unemployment insurance issued. Remember, the $600B in tax cuts for the rich will be this amount for the next two years, when the unemployment insurance will be for “additional weeks”. Read the bill here.

The rich will get a much bigger handout that anyone else. We cannot let them go hungry, now can we?

Under the Obamadier-GOP Plan the richest m/billionaires will get nearly $140,000 each, while those who earn $50K will see $1679.00 in a tax cut. See chart.

The Obamadier president has clearly shown he requires a lifeline and has called up former President Bill Clinton, the very guy who began the economic collapse by doing away with the law that kept holding banks and investment institutions separate—Glass-Steagall Act, and allowing former Senator Phil Gramm, the economic terrorist who was Senator John McCain’s economic advisor during his run as a GOP presidential candidate, to pass into law the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 1999, which flooded the LilBoyBush years with naked derivatives trading, shadow banking and mortgage fraud. The Clinton legacy was riddled with selling out the average American by allowing the bubbling of the tech sector, and the housing/commercial property sector. This is the person Obamadier criticized when he was a presidential candidate running against Hillary! How quickly a sinking ship’s captain reaches for the lifeboat after his ship has appeared to capsize.

The only piece of this tax cut handout plan that is not a tax cut is the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the unemployment insurance extension bill; therefore, the GOPies won this one in a big way. They are on the move to further reduce Social Security contributions. And, here slithers the slimy Santorum.

The irony here is that the GOPies, who rail against increases in the budget deficit are gleeful over tax cuts for the rich, which doesn’t lower our budget deficit. How can they campaign against budget deficits when they support plans to sustain them through tax cuts?

If tax cuts work, then why do we have 25 million Americans worker dropouts, underemployed, and unemployed? And, why are the richest welfare recipients receiving millions of dollars in government and Federal Reserve handouts failing to rebuild our employment problem and a diminishing domestic manufacturing sector? And, why is it continuing without results? And, why are those who failed to see the collapse of the housing sector, mortgage market, and the escalation in job losses still making decisions that affect the entire nation’s economy? And, why are those who were part of the formation and execution of two failing wars and nation building still making decisions and spending $2 BILLION per day on this enormously failed policy?

“[I]t is hard to stomach the whining from people who were too damned lazy or incompetent to think about the consequences of the collapse of an $8 trillion housing bubble. These workers are unemployed because the folks calling the shots messed up. In other words, the reason that we have 25 million people unemployed or underemployed is that people like Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers messed up royally on their jobs. Fortunately, for the folks on top, employment is not dependent on performance.”(Dr. Dean Baker)

Dr. Dean Baker continued to say in his Truthout piece (The Tax Deal and the Apocalypse, 12-13-10), “…this deal…would undermine Social Security. The deal temporarily lowers the Social Security tax by 2 percentage points. In principle, the tax rate will go back to its current rate after the end of next year.
However, several prominent Republicans have already made it clear that they will call the expiration of this tax cut a tax increase. And they will point out that it is an extremely regressive tax increase that disproportionately hits low- and moderate-income workers.
At the end of the 2011 the unemployment rate is virtually certain to be well above 8.0 percent and quite likely above 9.0 percent. In this context does anyone seriously believe that President Obama will refuse to go along with efforts by the Republicans in Congress to continue the tax cut beyond the scheduled deadline? 

If the payroll tax is indefinitely lowered by 2.0 percentage points, then Social Security's finances will appear much more shaky. As it stands, Social Security is fully funded through the year 2037… If the payroll tax is permanently reduced by 2.0 percentage points, it would double the program's projected 75-year shortfall. This would give far more ammunition to the Social Security fear mongers.”

Be afraid everyone! Be afraid!

Dr. Baker goes on to point out “In short, this deal is a very large first step toward cutting and/or privatizing Social Security. If the president wants to remove this risk, he can simply arrange to have the exact same tax cut given to workers from general revenue. There is no legitimate reason for the Republicans to reject this change in structure, unless their intent is to destroy Social Security. It's really that simple. The structure of the deal would be changed unless the point is to undermine Social Security.”

Do we hear anything from the GOPies, Palin, or any other bobblehead in Washington just how this nation is to rebuild its collapsed manufacturing sectors and re-employee those who are receiving unemployment checks? Nada!

We hear whining from our president and others about how China has developed world domination in education, mass transit, energy technologies and more, yet all we hear from them is that we should be afraid of shoe bombers, terrorists, Julian Assange, and tax increases. But we do not hear any of these naysayering legislators or political talking heads specifically defining just how we are to return from being the world’s largest debtor nation into becoming a surplus nation without enriching the top 2% with government welfare handouts and austerity-- declining wages, increasing payouts for health care expenses, commodity and energy increases, longer work hours, declining asset values, and more---for the remaining working class slobs. These corporate lapdancing whores inside the White House and Congress, as well as those on the presidential campaign trail, have nothing to say but that there is a boogieman out there and we need to be afraid of it/them, and the only ones who can save us are the rich plutocrats who feed from the funding troughs. That is it. This present does not include directions or instructions, or any ideas on how it is to be used, let alone batteries. In other words, what is inside this gift box from the Democons and GOPies is absolutely nothing that can be used to make one’s life better beyond just a few weeks.

What we heard from Eugene Robinson in his piece-A Wiki Hornets Nest ( 12-13-10) was how our government wants us to continue to be afraid. Life in the U.S. is not worth living unless its Great Unwashed wakes up each day being afraid, and knowing that the feeding trough oligarchs are going to protect us! Thank God!

Here is the message he wrote. What exists today are executives inside major corporations deciding what is and is not free speech, as determined by the likes of Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook. These executives are deciding what information is permissible or not in America. These private entities have taken over the role of what is allowed in a free and democratic society. Censorship is gaining strength, as witnessed by LilSarahpalin’s comments.

Neo-fascism is gaining strength through the GOPies and piggie-backed by the Democons.

Mr. Robinson beautifully ends by saying, “I don't particularly enjoy defending Assange, WikiLeaks or a bunch of irresponsible hackers. But I don't want the companies that regulate interaction and commerce on the Internet deciding whose views are acceptable and whose are not. The "terms of service" agreement that should take precedence is the First Amendment.”

Thanks for reading, jerry

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