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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Americans Are Again Told to Be Afraid

President Gumpy Cave-man Obama continues to walk among the GOP’s gun slinging villainous jihadis blindly wielding his empty squirt gun believing his stylistic approach will be effective in neutralizing their venomous rancor. Is Gumpy working with a full deck? Has he been ingesting too much Tryptophan from those late night tall glasses of warm milk and turkey sandwiches down in the White House kitchen?
Gumpy Cave-man has folded into the GOP’s jihadi web of death as he proclaims to be our latest “decider-in-chief” believing that further tax cuts for the upper “single-digitizers” of the economic food chain will stimulate domestic demand as they spend their aggregate $600B in tax refunds inside the speculative foreign investment marketplace “engaging in interest-rate arbitrage (the carry trade), currency speculation, commodity speculation (driving up food and mineral prices sharply this year), and buying into companies in Asia and raw material exporters.” (“US “Quantitative Easing” is Fracturing the Global Economy”, Professor Michael Hudson,, 10-1-10)
Gumpy Cave-man has been spending too much time auditioning for the role of the Great Pretender left behind by previous presidents, in spite of the fact that the world stage performance has been in full production with the seats filled with suffering workers, pensioners and retirees. He doesn’t need a chief-of-staff, but a chief-dope-slapper, but even that probably wouldn’t knock a bit of sense into his gumpy brain.
The ink is barely dry on his party driven shellacking as he turns over his week’s lunch money allowance to Da’Boner Boehner, and Scarecrow McConnell, along with the rest of the Grotesquely Outrageous Psychopathetics drooling over their master middle class machination.
Gumpy Cave-man basically said recently how China is the globe’s reverse extortionist as they peg their currency’s value to the US dollar instead of floating it higher based upon their economic surplus. They learned that lesson from the US during their 50-plus year hay day as the globe’s manufacturing giant and king of the finished goods. But now, Bernanke, Geithner and Obama are upset that China has become the supreme king of surpluses and they preside over the globe’s largest deficits; yet they are aggressively trying to manipulate China’s currency, as well as other currencies issued by surplus exporting nations, through Quantitative Easing. “By forcing up targeted currencies against the dollar, this U.S. outflow into foreign exchange speculation and asset buy-outs is financial aggression. And, to add insult to injury, Mr. Geithner is accusing China of “competitive non-appreciation.” This is a euphemistic term of invective economies seeking to maintain currency stability. It makes as much sense as “aggressive self-defense.” China’s interest, of course, is to avoid taking a loss of its dollar holdings and export contracts denominated in dollars (as valued in its own domestic renminbi).” (Professor Hudson’s previously noted article.)
“Mommy that is not fair that Beijing Benji has a nicer lunch box than I have!”
The real question should be why doesn’t Gumpy Obama tell the world, and the American people why it has evolved this way? Why is America the grand loser on the world stage? He hasn’t spoken a word, or told the whole truth, but what he has been doing is chastising China for keeping their currency pegged to the dollar even though multinational US corporations are the reason why it is this way, since they want to sell their cheap stuff at low prices at the company store-Walmart.
Gumpy Cave-man Obama has stayed silent about the outsourcing invasion into China and the GOPster’s support of America’s nationally created corporations that left the American worker with the burden and heartbreak of watching their personal assets deflate and personal rising debt levels. Any savings demonstrated by working class Americans (3%) has been going to paying down their debts, mortgages and credit cards.
Gumpy has said nothing about how he has allowed Bada Bing Bernanke to continue with his politically driven and knowningly failed policy of QE1 and now, the projected QE2. Here is what Michael Whitney has said about the bearded wonder’s bombastic blunder…
“Bernanke has pinned his hopes on QE, which merely adds to bank reserves, lowers long-term interest rates and angers trading partners who’ve seen capital flee the US for better returns in their markets. This is a backasswards way of addressing a rather straightforward problem: lack of aggregate demand.  Oddly enough, Bernanke knows that his policy won’t work because he did extensive research on Japan’s Lost Decade and recommended coordination between monetary and fiscal authorities to end deflation. QE was tried repeatedly and failed.” (“Save Those Greenbacks for Fish Wrap”-Bernanke’s Dollar Policy, 11-9-10,
What we have today is a government that continues the LilBoyBush--Joseph Goebbel’s tools of propaganda peddling in order to convince the American people to ‘be afraid’, and to ‘be afraid’ so deeply that they are willing to give up their wealth, security, and power to the “plutoarchy”.
As we all remember after the tragedy of 9-11-01, LilBoyBush told all Americans to ‘be afraid’. He repeated a Goebbel’s style mantra hundreds upon hundreds of times brainwashing the masses to drink his personally concocted Kool-Aid snack drink that accompanied the fearmongering propaganda.
The GOPsters jumped for joy following 9-11 because they could then take advantage of this human tragedy to loot the treasury, and feed the Sheeple enough propaganda whereby they wouldn’t complain as they watched their working class jobs continue to be shipped overseas, or that a massive transfer of wealth be pushed upwards into the greedy clutches of those who created the economic train wreck in the first place.
We have had the GOPsters reject a bill that was presented in October that would have taxed any company that outsourced American jobs (Creating American Jobs and End Offshoring Act).
Now we have Palin being propped up by the foot soldiers of the plutoarchy as she explores a run for the 2012 GOP nomination. She is continuing the LilBoyBush-Goebbel’s style methodology of instilling fear—her fear of “our democracy and Constitution being in jeopardy”.
So, what is the GOPster’s cure for protecting democracy and Constitution? It appears they want to fix our fears by cutting Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, lowering the minimum wage, and creating a Ireland/Greek-style austerity program even though the Federal Reserve and government has showered the elite with $12T in economic relief, along with tax cuts and subsides, while $1T would protect the working class.
None of the fearmongering GOPsters, or those in the administration, speaks about why our deficits continue to grow. Dr. Dean Baker explains it this way...
“First, the current deficit should not even be viewed as a problem. Yes, a deficit of $1.4T is big, but this is a direct result of the loss of demand stemming from the collapse of an $8 trillion housing bubble. This bubble was driving the economy until its collapse. This bubble was driving the economy until its collapse.”
He went on to say in the piece titled “Plan From a Parallel Universe-The Perverse Priorities and Fatal Flaws of the Deficit Commission Report”…
“To no one’s surprise the co-chairs decided to include cuts to Social Security in the mix, even though Social Security has not contributed to the deficit. The program has a designated payroll tax and is prohibited from spending beyond the money provided by the tax. It is structurally impossible for the program to affect the deficit.”
“The Simpson-Bowles approach involves raising the retirement age, cutting benefits for middle-and higher-income workers, and reducing the annual cost-of-living adjustment so that retirees would no longer see their benefits rise in step with the consumer price index (CPI). Raising the retirement age seems more than a bit unfair, since most of the gains in life expectancy have been going to workers in the top half of the income distribution. Workers in the bottom half have seen minimal gains in life expectancy over the last three decades. The cuts in the benefit formula will hit anyone who has average wage earnings over their lifetime of more than $36,000. This is not most people’s definition of affluent. Simpson and Bowles do not seem interested in accuracy; they want to cut benefits.”
This wasn’t all Dr. Baker had to say. He went on to point out how the pegging of the cost-of-living to the CPI using their formula would affect the oldest people, mostly women, hardest over a 30-year period of time!
It is all about ‘be afraid’ of the deficit and the social safety net that have been allotted to the working class people. The elite want to scare middle and lower class workers into believing that austerity is required, yet the richest among us are the ones who have created this economic disaster, and have not had to pay a penalty for it.
Reward the rich, and penalize the workers, pensioners, and retirees.
Now we have Michael Chertoff, LilBoyBush’s Homeland Security moron, who was supposedly supervising Heckofajob Brownie during the Katrina disaster, is telling Americans that they need to ‘be afraid’—‘very afraid’---of airliner travel and that feeling up your “junk” and going through full body scanners is needed for airport security. Chertoff is getting very rich as a result of these scanners. He is now in the fear business.
We have learned as a result of current arrests of Islamic fundamentalist individuals who have wished to kill Americans in the name of their own religious jihadi beliefs that it was not the military that uncovered the plots, but had been thwarted as a result of police and FBI investigations leading toward sting operations, which brought about the arrests.
The ‘be afraid’ Trojan horse pushed into the faces of 98% of Americans is a ploy used to distract us from the real issue of mega-corporate theft brought about through the Fed and Treasury. A purposeful theft that followed a planned demolition of our entire economic system for the purpose of theft fully frothed with criminality and silenced with campaign contributions and “revolving door” sponsorships that allows the government colluders involved in higher-up government decision-making to join the private sector with lucrative contracts paid for by those same government paid private sector foot soldiers. Therefore, Americans are told to take their eyes off the real causes of the economic collapse, and instead, ‘be afraid’, ‘be very afraid’ in order for the theft to continue uninterrupted.
When Americans decide they are not afraid, but angry enough to protest against the richest Americans owning our government, public policy, as well as economic sectors and policy, it will be only then that this nation will get back on track.
I am sorry to say that Barack Obama, nor Sarah Palin, definitely will not be the ones to perform this overwhelming task, but must be the American people who will raise up their windows, then lean out of those windows, and begin yelling out, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!”
Thanks for reading, jerry

Here is a discussion of a documentary that shows how many Americans accept being the victim instead of getting very upset and angry at the very banksta crime syndicate mobsters that stole their jobs, homes, and savings. Watch here.

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