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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Barack Obama Channels Mr. Wilson- Dennis’ Man Toy

What has happened to Barack Obama? What has happened to the Democratic Party? The Regressive Republicans have moved in with their Trojan Horse rolling up to the front gates of Congress. Finally, Barack has noticed! They have loaded it up with Kool-Aid sipping Tea Party voters, who appear to feel that the Koch Brothers, The Dick Armey army of lobby money, and Rupert Murdoch are just simple grassroots folk.

It seems as the election race closes in, the Democrats running against the vacuous types, such as Angle, Miller, Paul, McDonnell, and Toomey, as well as a slew of other hollow headed humbug humanoids, who believe that YOUR Social Security should have been privatized, are trying to wheel out the Keep Government Out Of My Medicare types to the polls for early voting. Former Nitwit President LilBoy Bush has come out of his dark dank hole filled with rodent feces to say out loud that his only regret was that he did not privatize Social Security, which would have slipped down into the Black Hole of financial losses had he done so during his horrendous presidency.

No regret for failing to accept the Clinton documents warning of a possible 9/11 attack, or starting two wars costing us $2T, or for allowing fraud to run wild through the financial mortgage sector, or for selling America to China, along with the jobs. No regrets. No tears good-bye.

The Kool-Aid sipping opportunistic Regressive Republican candidates running for Congress also want to cut Medicare, Medicaid, wages, benefits and taxes for the richest among us, who have significantly benefited from the upward siphoning of America’s wealth savings and debt production.

This eruption of opposition has occurred because of Barack Obama, and not in spite of him. Yes, he did cut taxes for working Americans, which included a withholding tax reduction found in the stimulus bill. He did prevent the massive sucking sound of job losses to become even louder and more pronounced as a result of the stimulus bill by funding a nationwide infrastructure repair and reconstruction program that had a significant multiplier effect. He did help families with unemployed high school graduates, and college students and post college students to remain on their parent’s health care insurance policy just in case they need it, until they reach age 26. He did make sure that if one has a pre-existing medical condition, they would not have to face the insurance company’s guillotine Death Panels.  He did reduce the number of soldiers in Iraq, although grew the number in Afghanistan.

The sad piece of all this is that Barack has finally decided to wake up from his Willie Wonka chocolate high.

On the site, the piece titled  “The Rickey Ray Rector President” was chock full of great lines and viewpoints. Here is a quote made by David Axelrod from the piece. “Cynthia Tucker writes that, “In an interview last week in his West Wing office, David Axelrod, one of Obama’s closest advisers, acknowledged that the administration had been surprised by the unified Republican resistance to the president’s agenda. ‘We had the idea that, particularly in a time of national crisis, there would be more of an inclination to work together. Well, I think we miscalculated,’ Axelrod said.”

That has to be one of the sorriest observations by a presidential advisor I have ever heard!! It sounded like something Dennis the Menace would say after mind-fucking with Mr. Wilson and then, misjudging the old guy’s wig flipping anger unloading on Dennis after figuring out it was that sweet blond goofball who did it to him-AGAIN! Fool me once, shame—shame on you; fool me twice, then uh, shame on me. Didn’t we hear that from another clueless menace?

Hey David, what we have are a pack of wolves that killed all but a few of the middle class chicken flocks, and now have decided to toy with the few remaining before killing them as soon as they get elected.

David, from where I sit as a progressive liberal, and am not ashamed to tag myself as one, Barack Obama came to office listening to those elites behind the curtain. The corporate elite plutocrats handed him the presidential ticket-to-ride and then told him he could get on the Magic Bus, or did he say, ‘Finally, I get a ride on the Polar Express to Santa’s house. Oh boy. Can I pick out some new toys?’

It was like Barack got to go on a field trip to Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and have all the sweet stuff he ever wanted.

After he took office, the nation was suffering from the most dramatic national security crisis most of us have ever seen, yet he got all dressed up and went steppin’ out on the town. It was then that I realized he did not really understand the magnitude of the crisis, what you might call a Harry Truman Moment, which was what many of us out here in the real world had already figured out—that this economic collapse was no small potatoes. It was big. Really big. So big that massive foreclosures would begin to roll in like an ocean tsunami, and the dollar would find a new home down at the bottom of the stinky dry well. So big that the Too Big To Fail banksta predatory syndicate would continue to steal the nation’s wealth and hoard it, along with taking it to Wall Street’s international casino gambling arenas speculating on more currencies, real estate, foreign infrastructures, land, stocks, bonds, securities, and more. None of it was used to loosen up our frozen credit markets to get the our collapsing economy moving again.

Barack was drinking too many beers, and shooting too many hoops, while the wolves were out desperately trying to prove that Barack was a Muslim born in Kenya to aliens never becoming a US citizen; therefore impeachable meat. ‘Hey bartender, pour me another round while I shoot the shit with da’ Axel parked over here.’

All the while, the largest banking syndicate operators were pawning off worth-less mortgages to the Juice Man at the Fed—Bada Bing Bernanke—swapping the garbage for new bills to play with.

All the while, the Tea Party was revving up, and the Koch Bros, and Roo-Pert Murdoch were bankrolling the Kool-Aid drinking sloths ready to cast a vote for Christine O’Donnell and the other pinheads running as Regressives believing economic austerity was as good as Tylenol for what ails ya.

All the while, the dollar was finding new lows, 70% of all trades were being done by computers manipulating the shit out of the market; and, working class savers were getting killed with near zero interest rates on their cash stashes; and, private sector jobs needed stimulus to get going, since the Treasury and Federal Reserve gave it all to the private financial sector. Now, Bada Bing is getting ready for QE2, which will allow the banksta syndicate to pawn off more mortgaged backed worth-less crap they have been holding or recently purchased knowing that the Fed will swap it for a good price and a new pile of $500 Billion dollar bills for a big night on the town.

All the while, the largest bankstas, who crashed the economy with bogus mortgage backed securities, were buying up working class America’s delinquent tax bills through shadow LLCs they created in order to suck up huge fees from foreclosing and near foreclosing financially squeezed and down-on-their-luck homeowners who were demanding that the bankstas show up with the notarized mortgage paperwork at the foreclosure hearings.

All the while, the Regressive Republicans were doing everything they could to keep working people from getting the most out of health care reform and financial reform.

All the while, Barack Obama, himself, took the public option out of the mix because he made a sweet deal with the health care predators.

All the while, the Gulf of Mexico was filling up with oil, methane gas, and Corexit as the president and family hobnobbed around looking for fun things to do.

All the while, we continue to risk the lives of US soldiers and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan not because they hate our freedoms, as misstated over and over again by LilBoyBush and his Regressive minions, but because we continue to occupy Islamic soil in spite of the fact that there is no functioning government in either nation.

All the while, the nation’s working classes really had no idea of all the positive things that were being done for them. But it didn’t matter because the Polar Express ride was too much fun.

Now, if the Democrats lose some power and the Regressives have a stronger hand in Congress, they will have to put up their promised regressive agenda, or shut up.

This coming election and forthcoming two years will result in stagnation, commodity inflation, dollar/asset deflation, and a trade and currency war.

Maybe the Polar Express ride IS a better choice.

This is not what we hoped for, Barack.

Thanks for reading, jerry


Clevelands Secret Club said...

Thanks Jerry,
When I want clarity of thought, deep understanding of the issues at hand, and wisdom and wit w salt on the wounds, I come over to the "eye on washington".

Your site is listed on my bloglist, so I'll be back.

jerry, of eye on washington said...

(This comment was left on

The Ponzi game continues with da Juice Man Bernanke hoping to liquify the Fed even more exchanging more of the Banksta Syndicate's toxic mortgage debt for freshly available cash reserves. Then can use it as the new weapon of mass destruction by buying up the Great Unwashed's delinquent tax bills and then attacking them with huge fees and costs, buying up foreign stocks and bonds and infrastructure, and businesses in order to acquire more interest and usury fees from them. All sanctioned by this current administration and legislative body.

The empty foreclosed homes will begin to pile up higher like the excrement resulting from Cash For Clunkers.

Bada Bing Bernanke uses the taxpayer as a toxic debt filtration plant while pumping out cleaner cash to the banking crime syndicate. Plutocracy at its best. It is an economic 69.

To my friends over at Clevelands Secret Club, thank you for your kind words. I am humbled by your appreciation of my site.

take care, jerry