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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ben Bernanke—Disaster Man Of The Year!!!

I believe the nation is becoming a perverse environment. What has unfolded this week has begun to convince me that this government, and the insiders have hopped aboard something like the amusement park ride called the Drop Down Ride. This is the one where you are strapped into some kind of open-air harness, with your legs dangling below, and slowly pulled several stories up. You are up so high that from below you look like a lollipop dangling from a kite string. Then once you have reached the top, you are dropped down at full speed forcing your stomach up into your esophagus like some kind of internal jet ski ricocheting off your Adam’s Apple as the contents ejects out of you mouth, whereby if you have just eaten a chili dog or wolfed down a burger with all the adornments, you might find yourself wearing it on your shoes.

The nation is being pulled back up toward the top of the Drop Down Ride for the second time. America, and especially Time magazine, had forgotten the full drop down speed that many of us experienced at the end of 2007 and into 2008 as nearly $12 trillion in household wealth was puked up as a result of Little Boy Bush, Hank Paulson, and Ben Bernanke’s laissez-faire, neo-liberal, Chicago School of economic “infestment” capitalism. 

So, Time magazine chose from their three top national and international disasters picking Ben Bernanke to be the Disaster Man Of The Year. What an honor for Bennie-The Beard-Bernanke, crime syndicate operator royale, to be chosen from the list including Little Boy Bush, who was not chosen while president, since he was a complete disaster then, but now, since he is Silent Man, he was picked, as runner-up-ahole for his commitment-to-silence; and then, there was Vladimir Putin, Russia’s strong armed Soviet-styled crime syndicate boss; then, we had Mr. Manchurian President Obama, but he has already been showered with big shot honors, and has done enough bowing with smiling photo-ops accompanied by beautifully written speeches for the year; and finally, there were Steve Jobs of Apple computer for his innovations (he’s no disaster), General Stanley McChrystal for colluding with Dick Cheney in trying to cover up Pat Tillman’s friendly-fire murder, Nancy Pelosi for selling out the Democratic voters and 45 million uninsured, and 16 million unemployed Americans, the Chinese workers (it is not their fault) who work for way below minimum wage without benefits so that Walmart and the American consumer can buy cheap and, sometimes, toxic stuff; and finally, Usain Bolt, a world class Jamaican sprinter (he’s no disaster, either, but a winner!). 

Wow!!!! I would say this was a hard decision for Time magazine. Who deserves the Disaster Man of the Year award from Time magazine? I would say it should have gone to Little Boy Bush. He is the one that brought the economy down in freefall after more than 20 years of disaster being pulled to the top of the Drop Down Ride. It was Little Boy Bush who let the ride drop at warp speed to the ground as it crashed into the concrete base creating an economic earthquake that stretched from sea to shining sea.

Next year, Bennie the Beard and President Obama could be tied for Time’s 2010 Disaster Men of The Year for gutting our manufacturing sector via outsourcing and sending the under-unemployment figures to 20%, while including those who stopped looking for work, and want full-time rather than part-time employment, as well as enriching the bankstas even more, and further draining the average working person’s wages with higher costs, and pretending to regulate, scrutinize, and make transparent the “infestment” banking transactions, and further burdening and submersing the nation in two wars, and permitting Prince’s Xe, the Christian Fundamentalist War Crusader formerly known as Blackwater, and now known as The United States Training Center, the largest private military force in this country with its own air attack force, and sea attack navy, in addition to its ground forces.

 Our Manchurian President has kept Little Boy Bush as his lifeline. The U.S. Training Center’s private army is not only being investigated for its alleged criminal activities, and alleged murderous actions, it has been kept on to protect the elites in Iraq and Afghanistan through the State department. And in spite of Candidate Hillary Clinton pledging to cancel any and all contracts the government had with Eric Prince’s companies, if elected president, she is being escorted and guarded by this private mercenary armed forces.

What is interesting is that General McChrystal, under Dick Cheney, created a secret, below-the-public’s radar group called JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) operating inside the CIA. Blackwater, a private army, was co-joined with JSOC to conduct covert operations, such as assassinations, predator strikes, and secret intelligence. Now, General McChrystal is President Obama’s top military point man handling the joy-joy-stick in the Middle East combat zones. Does this sound like the Change We Were To Believe In? Was this what we voted for?

In addition to this, Mr. Manchurian President has just lost his lawsuit to keep 22 million BushBoy emails spanning for a few years, but mostly concentrated within a 94-day period more than likely including the cover-up of the person(s) who outed the covert identity of Valerie Plame, and the run-up to the Iraq War. This White House of President Obama had been sued by two groups wanting these emails to come out into the light from the dark, damp depths of Dick Cheney’s undisclosed secret bunker. Sorry Mr. President. This was not what we voted for. We heard you speak about transparency, but we did not know you were hoping to keep Bush’s “Lost Emails” from being found.

We also did not vote for a continuation by your administration to protect the “mega-infestment” banking industry from State regulatory laws preempting Federal laws as states try to strongly enforce anti-predatory lending practices through fines and court settlements. This occurred because the Feds were slow to control the predators as they went after consumers.

The USA Today’s editorial board wrote on 12-9-09, “The Comptroller of the Currency, for example, behaved much like a banking lobby embedded in the Treasury Department.” 
President Obama does not appear to be able to control renegade anti-consumer Democratic cretins oozing out of the New Democrat Coalition, such as Illinois Democon Melissa Bean, who appears to want to protect the “infestment” banks from strong regulation by the states, instead of those of her constituents who were severely damaged by them. The Infestment Banks are crying that some states might cap ATM fees, for example, and this would place a profit hardship upon their potential bonuses and raises. They call it “materially impairing” the national banking operations of the likes of JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, BoA, and Wells Fargo. Such Beans need to be ground up into flour and not left whole by President Obama. But No!!!! Barack, you have turned out to be NOT who we voted for. Had we known, we would have picked another candidate.
And there is more!! Edward Harrison wrote in “U.S. Forfeiting Billions in Future Taxes So Citi Can Exit TARP”,, 12-16-09, “…the federal government has quietly decided to exempt Citigroup from a large future tax bill in allowing it to exit the TARP program. This is a backdoor bailout worth billions and is an outrage that demonstrates the lengths to which government will go to gift these organizations taxpayers money.” “Exemptions under this law are a huge hidden freebie.”
Too-big-to-fail Infestment Banks continue to operate without investigations or regulations by this administration. It has been business-as-usual nearly one year later after one damning Oval Office seat warmer was flown out of Washington as millions of Americans with raised fists and yelling expletives while cheering, and another quietly nestled in for four years.
And, the Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, had been extremely slow in the investigations of the fraud and secret deals between the Infestment Banks. We all thought you, Mr. President, would be moving swiftly with a call for justice and truth.
“The SEC had accused Bank of America of failing to disclose to shareholders that it had authorized New York-based Merrill to pay up to $5.8 billion in bonuses to its employees in 2008 even though the investment bank lost $27.6 billion that year. Bank of America had agreed to pay $33 million to settle the charges without admitting or denying wrongdoing, saying it didn't violate disclosure rules but wanted to avoid litigation with the SEC at a time of market uncertainty.” 
“Some Republican lawmakers contend that the government forced Bank of America to take over Merrill, and they have accused the Democratic leaders of the oversight panel of covering up the role of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner in the affair.
Geithner was chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the time of the merger in December 2008. His spokesmen have said he was not involved in any Bank of America decisions after being tapped for the Treasury post by President Barack Obama last November. The $20 billion Merrill deal, forged the same September weekend that Lehman Brothers collapsed, was first questioned after Bank of America disclosed that the investment bank would post 2008 losses of $27.6 billion – far more than expected. Bank of America, which had already received $25 billion in U.S. bailout aid, then asked for and received an additional $20 billion from the government to help offset those losses.” (SEC Widens Probe Into BofA, Merrill DealMarcy Gordon, 12/11/09)
To all of you investigators at the SEC, what about AIG and the rest of fraudster “infestment” bankstas? Barack, hey, this is NOT what we voted for! It is clear; your policies and actions are NOT what we voted for. Therefore, YOU must be the Manchurian President. Would there be any other reason?

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Read more on Blackwater as reported by Jeremy Scahill.

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SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, I would add more commentary, but Jefferson has a way with words:

"Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction." - Thomas Jefferson

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, here's an article from Canada regarding Climategate. Even the scientists are now shills for the NWO. What in God's name have we become as a nation and a society?

One Climategate Email Trumps All the Denials
By Dr. Tim Ball Thursday, December 17, 2009

carlandjerry said...

Hi Spectre,

The Canadian Free Press article was interesting. I believe that as we were made to believe that cigarettes were actually good for our health and calmed our nerves, in the 50s and 60s, it eventually became clear that the cigarette companies were dishing out trumped up research to keep people smoking, and lying about the truth.

The science behind the climate research will sort out the truth from the lies, as well. It is just a matter of time.

I hold fast that carbon dioxide pouring into the atmosphere is a harmful gas that is effecting our climate.


SPECTRE of Deflation said...

A not to be missed video describing what's coming. GULP!!

Mega Depression: Howard Davidowitz, Celente say USA broke like Japan & Zimbabwe

Frank Hope said...

Hi Jerry. Thanks for the link to my article on Blackwater and Jeremy Scahill. I've enjoyed reading your blog and have added it to my blogroll.

I invite your readers to come visit my blog at "Future News Today".

Have a peaceful Christmas.
- Frank Hope