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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Walmart Syndrome

Here is a piece I wrote on 11-30-09, which is totally relevant today.

America is being sold out. The blue light special is not just for that coffee maker, 31” big screen HDTV, $7.00 slow cooker, or washed out denim jacket, but its ultimate purpose is to sell you out! Your wages will be placed on the shelf of CheapMart and sold off to the lowest bidder. The corporate elite want you to continue to buy their Chinese made cheaply made $10.00 wet/dry vacuums, or $20.00 power drill sets so they can bring down YOUR wages so you, too, can make those cheapie things, which would in return force your wages down to the bottom, even though you have an $800 plus home mortgage, $300 per month health care premium bill, along with your car payment, which you got for 0 down, 0 interest but $300 a month payment for 6 very long years. And then, there is YOUR credit card interest payment, if you still have a credit card and have credit—period—look at your interest payment. I won’t even go into your weekly grocery bill.

As you continue to over-buy your holiday gifts, you are bringing down your wages, your standard-of-living, and pumping your cash into the central bank of China boosting their enormous budget surplus, while your kids and grandkids will have to work-for-less in order to pay off the US budget deficit. Happy Holidays, Mr. and Ms. Consumer.

Keep feeding what it is you and your kids nag you to buy, instead of learning how to live with less.

The Teabaggers have been so busy resisting a government health care protection plan that would help cover them after their personal home drops into foreclosure and their lives fall into bankruptcy that they have forgotten to take their meds, which would control, or suppress their pervasive Walmart Syndrome that has infected their brains.

The Walmart Syndrome is a parasite that infects the brain, whereby knowledge and understanding becomes significantly impaired. It entered the United States virtually undetected by the CDC—Center for Disease Control, but has begun to affect many brains over the last 10 years. It turns the gray matter into fatty deposits, whereby the brain is unable to process sensible information because nerve pathways disappear and fail to allow for what is called an action potential---the ability for the nerve impulse to move down the nerve pathways for a functional and purposeful action.

What has happened is that U.S. corporations decided to shut down domestic operations, resulting in outsourcing, and the relocation of jobs over to China, and other low paying, and punitive-worker countries. In China, the U.S. corporations (we gullibly thought they were U.S. corporations) found new friends in China, which they embraced as investors. They called these new relationships multi-national US/Chinese corporations.

The U.S. corporation benefits from the generous legal system, which protects their patents, and copyrights, foreign national product dumping violations, as well as the generous tax system allowing write-offs, write-downs, deductions, and loopholes, as they abandon the American worker and U.S. economy for more lucrative returns.

China, a booming industrialized country, has pegged its currency to the dollar so their exports can sell in U.S. stores, such as Walmart, cheaper than domestically made products, what is left of them. Even though the Renminbi, (China’s currency) is artificially kept low, in spite of their booming economy and massive trade surplus, they, and their brothers-in-manufacturing-arms—U.S. multi-national corporations, like it is this way because the average working American, who is suffering greatly as a result of unemployment and underemployment because of job losses and plant closings, home foreclosures, debt payments, rising out-of-pocket health care costs, and stagnant or falling wages can buy the cheap Chinese/US corporate manufactured products.

Now, why do those hugely rich corporate ex-patriot executives love this arrangement? Well, after you and I buy the cheap Chinese stuff, those dollars head right back to China where their banks are flooded with U.S. greenbacks. What do they do with all our cash? The Chinese central banks buy U.S. Treasuries from the Federal Reserve Bank which monetizes those returned dollars to continue their zero percent lending practices to their broker dealers (mega-banks), who then use this cash to gamble at the Wall Street casino parlor increasing the stock prices of fortune 500 multi-national corporations stimulating others to join in on the scam. That means more bonuses, and higher executive salaries, as well as fattened business expense accounts. In addition, these mega-banks buy commodities manipulating the street prices, such as oil, gas, grains, etc. This enriches the corporate predator investment bank balance sheets, as well as the giving out of tens of billions of dollars in corporate bonuses. They also hand over billions in campaign contributions, through their 22,000 lobbyist brigades, to make sure that very little is done to interrupt their wealth-building machine.

Also, those Chinese central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and private equity funds jump into the Wall Street speculation and gambling game as the rich US/China industrialists and financiers push the stock prices higher and higher, in spite of the fact that the average American is slipping further and further down.

So, when the Teabaggers and others who head over to Walmart to buy some cheap stuff for the holidays, they are really rewarding those U.S. companies that sold-them-out. I guess it is like asking the neighborhood bully to come over for a free dinner, and then, inviting him to beat you up for dessert.

Now, do you feel better, yet?

P.S.—For those who need a reason to NOT spend their dollars at Walmart, here is a big one. Walmart does not screen or research the origination of their gold jewelry products. It has been stated that much of their gold product comes out of gold mines in the Congo, where women, and children are raped, abused, beaten and forced to endure horrible working conditions at gun point.

Thanks for reading, jerry


SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, you will love this video:

Bernie Sanders Exposes Bernankes Crimes

Anonymous said...

Good post Jerry,
Having read some of J H.Kunstler and the new urbanists, and realized that our main street, once called 'the golden mile' was emptying out as ugly boxes appeared on the edge of town.
I started doing as much of my shopping as possible in small family owned stores.
The extra cost is easily offset by the better quality, more locally produced goods and the sense of community one gets.


Anonymous said...


While I have disagreed with you in the past, especially on the health care issues. I think the real problem is INSURANCE which causes the price to become insanely high and that adding government INSURANCE will only make the problem worse, you are spot on in your analysis of how the American people are being gamed by the politicians who are sworn to protect them.

Everyone should buy products that are only made in America. With the internet it's not that hard to do you just have to be willing to pay a little more. In exchange you will be supporting your American brothers while getting a product which in most cases will last longer than a cheap Chinese piece of Walmart junk.

Just google search made in America. Almost anything you want can be found this way.


carlandjerry said...

Rory, good to hear from you again. These big box stores are a real problem when they destroy the small businesses that have existed in communities over generations. Kunstler is an interesting writer, and also enjoy his pieces. The concept of New Urbanism is essential for all countries to become stronger economically. Unfortunately, I really don't see it happening except for individual communities that resist the corporate royalists.

ZM, thanks for making a comment. You see how we can have differing opinions, but as people there are many points we do agree on.

I, too, agree that insurance is the problem. We may differ on the solutions. My position would be to do away with the array of health insurance plans, and put everyone on one plan. Now, if one wants to buy additional coverage, as Canadians can do, then let those with the ability to buy more coverage, or speedier coverage.

Spectre, thanks for the Bernie Sanders Youtube. Bernanke is a traitor. That is clear. The Fed is traitorous entity working against the best interests of the very citizens who pay taxes and feed the Fed cash.

What we continue to see is Obama continuing to support this financial crime syndicate field marshall
and insist that the Fed continues with business-as-usual.


carlandjerry said...

Hello Spectre,

The paranoia running deep inside of Goldman Sachs bringing about the purchases of hand guns by high ranking executives is a real signal that these people have done wrong.

Under Bush, he tried to get passed the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act, which failed with only one House member supporting it. This would allow corporate executives to legally hold weapons, be given a secret phone number to receive instructions, and allowed to shoot to kill citizens that might be attempting to enter their corporation or company if given the go-ahead by our government.

Trouble is brewing in River City!


SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, even Pravda has figured out the CAP & TRADE SCAM. Damn, I never thought I would see the day where a former communist country will print the truth while our own MSM has it's nose so far up the elites A-holes that they can't see daylight:

America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, they keep pushing the little man closer to the cliff with each passing day. "When you lose everything, and have nothing left to lose, you lose it". One of my favorite Celente quotes and truer than the day is long. I find it somewhat funny that they believe a pistol will hold off the angry mob. These are people who know jack shit on weapons or how to use them, and I guess they believe they can hold off a pissed off crowd that is using long guns against their pistols. It comes pretty close to bringing a knife to a gunfight.

In 1873 the angry mob needed no guns to kill the bankers. They simply dragged their sorry asses out of the office, and hung them from a light post. Keep pushing the little man Lloyd!

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Gun Toting Goldman Execs Prepare for the Revolution

carlandjerry said...


Gun Toting Goldman Execs Prepare for the Revolution

Like you said, a gun is as good as the one who can use it against a mob of angry depositors and citizens wanting revenge at the end of a rope and the tip of a spear.

This was a good read. Thanks, jerry

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, I thought we used to call these folks whistleblowers? They aren't interested in truth. Rather they are worried about lining their thieving pockets and pushing a certain agenda. We live in F-ing
bizzaro world:

Boxer: Hackers (WHISTLEBLOWERS)should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'
By Michael O'Brien - 12/02/09 03:26PM ET

White House Blocks Testimony on Party Crashers
December 2, 2009, 5:43 pm

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

The Corporatocracy: A New Economic System for the Connected Banking Sector and Political Elites. Providing the new Serfdom Massive Debt Servitude.

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, the thieves must be crying in their coffee or booze this AM:

Climategate: It's All Unravelling Now
by James Delingpole

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Jerry, Here's one of the good guys...Elizebeth Warren...writing about the disapearing middle class:

Elizabeth Warren.Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the banking bailouts
Posted: December 3, 2009 10:00 AM

America Without a Middle Class

carlandjerry said...

Hi Spectre,

Thanks for great links. I especially found an excellent piece. 10% of our work force is in manufacturing. $900 billion of credit card debt is still outstanding. It does not look good for the future. Also, these GDP numbers are fabricated. GDP is actually around 2% when you consider that Wall Street manipulations are factored into GDP, as well as foreign components brought to the US for assembly is also factored in. It is all a smoke screen for the reality that GDP is grim.


Anonymous said...

Again wonderful reading! (And writing)
Being a former Kmart Employee I took great pleasure in doing anything I could (and I could do a lot) to blow their profit margin. Without stealing a thing, and doing my job just EXACTLY how they outlined it, I found that I could turn off customers in droves.
Accidental mishandling of incoming merchandise could somehow send the volume of garbage being produced at the store to rise.
Mis matched shoes never sell, but can be made to look nice an orderly.
And all that texting when not supervised.... what a waste of time!
If every Kmart employee were as diligent as I the place would go bankrupt..... again..........hmmmm.....

carlandjerry said...

Hello Former K-Mart Employee,

Thanks so much for your visit and time spent reading and writing your comments. I appreciate it very much.
Happy Holidays to you, too!! Come again.