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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Expansion of Eye on Washington

This blogspot has been expanded. Over the past few months, additional blogspots have been added to the "parent" blog. The additional blogspots can be found highlighted in red, along the right side of this blog page. There are 4 additional blogs all created and written by Carl and me (Jerry).

At the top of the list is A New American Paradigm. Next is Consumer Thrift Reform Movement. Third is Handmade Manufacturing. And fourth is The Nitwit Awards.

In A New American Paradigm, we will write about our views on how we might all approach finding our way into the future. I see the future of America to be very different than the one that has been shedding its "chrysalis" which has existed for the last 80 years or so. "The times they are a changin" and it may not be a pretty sight for many.

The blogspot, Consumer Thrift Reform Movement will discuss what consumerism might look like in the New American Paradigm we are entering.

The blogspot Handmade Manufacturing will focus on the Real Economy and those who are building it with their hands. There will be pieces on businesses that make things. Let me know if you want to be featured.

The Nitwit Awards is just a place to point out the outrageousness of those who say the "darnest things"!

In addition, please check out our wide ranging collection of assorted videos found on the Web, which you can access above. Just click on "Eye on Washington Video". You can also watch us our weekly--done live--talk show!! Click on the screen that says Ustream in the upper right corner.

Thanks for coming around. Jerry and Carl.

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