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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Will President Obama Call Eliot Ness Immediately!

Is Barack just too young to figure out this economic disaster and what to do about AIG? He must not be familiar with the television show The Untouchables, about a real character named Eliot Ness, played by Robert Stack. Eliot Ness was born in 1903 and lived until 1957. He was a Chicago lawman who went after gangsters. He declared war on the mob.

I watched that show religiously between 1959-1963. President Obama was too young to learn the one lesson that the show taught everyone, which was to get those bad guy gangstas!

Also, I watched The Lone Ranger, too. He was a masked man who rode the western landscape capturing 19th century villains with his faithful companion, Tonto. The Lone Ranger was a Texas Ranger, and not the same ones who enriched George W. Bush. One of his many missions was to rid the west of bank thieving crooks. The series was aired long before Obama was born. It ran between 1952-1954.

President Obama grew up not watching the moral valued television shows of my youth. If he had, he would take heavy action against the thieves and robbers of our current mega-banking industry.

No doubt, what he would do is call Eliot Ness, The Lone Ranger, and, of course, the infamous Jim Bowie, a 19th century legend, American pioneer and valiant soldier. With these three iconic American heroes, they would all become deputized, of course, gather their weapons and pile into tricked out modern surveillance vans. During the early morning hours, they would surround the headquarters of AIG during one of their secret executive ritual sacrificial meetings. One where they engage in strange branding exercises. Rumor had it they were going to rebrand their name to IGA. Ah, ha!

The deputized four would surround the building, over-power the guards, and raid the stockade, so to speak. They would blindfold the high ranking officials and send them off to secret detention camps to be tortured and held in cages in some undisclosed location without the opportunity to speak to a lawyer. We will make an example out of them.

Hey, we did it in Iraq, so why can’t we do it to AIG? We take over the boardroom, all their computer hard-drives, raid the snack machines and occupy the building. We declare Nationalization. We’ll call in all the bond and stockholders immediately under the threat of rendition. Then, we hire all the unemployed barbers, and beauticians and force all the bond and stockholders to line up for haircuts. None get away without a haircut! So, what is he waiting for?

There is a populist uprising occurring in the streets. It is boiling and percolating by the hour, yet he keeps telling us that he has confidence in Brownie Geithner—Heckuva Job, Timmy!

Could it be that Barack Obama is just too green around the edges? And, I don’t mean “Green”, just green, as in Kermit.

The author of the, David Michael Green (there is that word again-green), a professor of political science and a terrific writer of political commentary, was a tried and true Obama supporter. But now, he believes “Barack Obama is dumber than an bag of hammers.” In his latest piece, he pounds on Barack Obama. Mr. Green said, “…I never thought I’d witness such inane stupidity (or, worse-is it venality?) from the man.” He went on to say, 
“…and thus, it is no exaggeration to say this vibrant and well-liked president, who carries the hopes and aspirations of a nation on his shoulders with a robust foundation of good will to match, is potentially giving away everything in order to make sure that a band of corporate pirates [at AIG] keep their stolen taxpayer money. And, doing that, ladies and gentlemen, is as dumb as…Well, you know.”

Well said!

It looks like President Obama and AIG CEO Edward Libby, are filming a new television reality series called Bankstadog Millionaire, or Who Wants To Be A Banksta Thief Millionaire?

Has Obama been handcrafted by a little known woodcarver and toy maker named Geppetto, who has now become president, and for some odd reason decided to hire on the woodshop’s pest, Timiny Cricket as his economic sorcerer? Timiny tells him that if he does not obey the bankers, then he, Barack, will grow up to be a donkey. This frightens Barack. But unfortunately, Barack did not realize that that was only a joke, since he was already a donkey and not an elephant!

Why does President Obama want to give the GOP—the Grotesquely Oligarchist Psychopathetics—currently staged by one Rush Limbaugh and his band of Jingle Jangle Jindals, a chance to exhume Dr. Frankenstein from the grave in order to create a new monster, which would, no doubt, take the nation closer to a fascist kleptocracy, which recently came to an abrupt end on 1-20-09?

His Knights at the Roundtable appear to be Trojan Horses for the financial banking crime syndicate. Why? What are we not being told?

Will someone, PLEASE, call Eliot Ness right away!

Thanks for reading,  jerry


U.S paralleling Japan's Deflationary Period. A good read to think about. The Fed has something to worry about.


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