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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Low Budget Christmas List

Jerry says,

I love the Christmas Story movie. Festival Express DVD concert train trip film is terrific fun! It is a favorite. Homemade CD compilations, homemade cards, chutneys, salsas, and jams, aluminum lined coffee mugs, firewood for friend's fireplaces, smooth and flat cut stump logs to use as plant stands or in other ways (you can find them wherever a tree trimmer is found), Down slippers (Baffin brand found in the catalog), winter ear bands, neck gaters are nice, books (Jim Harrison books --fiction), Naomi Klein's book, Disaster Capitalism), coffee shop gift cards, "Mr. T In Your Pocket" adult gag toy (Google Mr. T. in Your Pocket), quality gallon jugs of pure apple juice, and sweet potato maple pie with pecan crust originally found in Gourmet Magazine (November, 1980s) some 10 plus years ago. For younger kids, the tool belt found in The Duluth Trading Company catalogue. It is really cool!!!! New CD's "Edele 19", and Ryan Adams, "Cardinology" Older CD's, Van Morrison's "Days Like This". If you want to splurge, check out those electric mattress pad covers. I have one, and love it. If you keep your home very cool in the winter, this makes the bed so toasty warm. Also, Duluth Trading Company ( has an men's and women's catalogue. Great stuff. The men's MN Trucker's jacket is great. A warm sweater-like shirt, nylon, and very warm and light weight. I have a similar one and wear it always in my very cool house. I just gave a cousin of mine the "Space pen" found at Staples. I use one all the time. They are pressurized ink ball point pens, and will write anywhere, anytime.

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Anonymous said...

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I just got Mr. T and found I can give them as a gift too. I’m going to send my sister Kim Cattrall as she love Sex in the City. You can send navtones as a gift here:

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