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Monday, September 29, 2008

Rove Fixing 2008 Election!

Carl Rove fixed the 2004 election! Greg Palast has 500 of Rove's lost secret emails. he has the caging lists that Rove said did not exist because such actions were not done. The Bush Plan was to keep black and hispanic voters from casting their votes, even if they were fighting the Bush War in Baghdad. Palast, a BBC reporter, explains that in spite of the evacuation plan goal for New York City is to save lives, the FEMA evacuation plan for New Orleans when drowning was not to be implemented in that same way!

There is a war in America and it is between Wall Street and Main and Side Street. Greg Palast explains it.

This is the Wall Street-Republicon Party. This is John McCain's political party. Remember, Bush was celebrating McCain's birthday as New Orleans was drowning and McCain did not say a word.

This video is a must see. View it on our video blog page. It will blow your mind!
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