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Friday, August 29, 2008

History Was Made In America Tonight!

Here is Barack Obama's acceptance speech made before the Democratic National Convention. History was made tonight. It is time to end 8 years of the GOPlunderers' reign of disaster. 

                              Obama's Full Acceptance Speech



Anonymous said...

I guess if by history you mean a COMMUNIST being the nominee of a major politcal party it was historic.

Justin_n_IL said...

jerry-of jerry and carl's eye on washington said...

Anonymous, what I find interesting about your comment is what it does not say. You never said why Obama is a communist. After 8 years of neo-fascism ruling White House policies, ie. blatant spying on Americans, uncalled for searches of elderly, and non-suspicious persons at our airports, billions given as grants to our cities and towns all around the country for video surveillance cameras, fences, riot vehicles, and more, for what? For the appearance of making us safer, when in reality, the United States is less safe due to the policies of our neo-fascist president.

To spy on Americans, as well as institute policies that have hurt this nation, all because of hiijackers, who were living in this country legally and took down skyscrapers with our own airliners, has fed into the hands of terrorists.

In addition, our own national security advisor, at the time, Condi Rice, pushed aside and disregarded the facts given to her by the Clinton Administration that terrorists were going to fly planes into buildings because it was irrelevant to her and her boss, says something about the plan the White House had in mind for our nation from day one.

And then, of course, the war in Iraq was created out of lies in order to further the riches of oil corporatists, and for geo-political manipulation, in hopes to make the Bush kleptocrats filthy rich by tapping into the US Treasury, ie. the taxpayer's pockets.

And you have the gall to call Obama a communist without backing it up with one legitimate fact!

What are you talking about?

John McCain is Bush's surrogate-in-chief, since he voted with Bush 95% of the time. McCain will apparently proceed, if elected, to continue the Bush legacy with his own weapon of mass destruction.

Obama does have policies that I disagree with, but he is not a communist, nor a neo-fascist. He will not appoint right-wing politocrats to the Supreme Court.

Facts further a discussion and not code words.

Thanks for the link. It was great!

Anonymous said...


You talk about FACTs, I didn't see one in your response to my post. Obama believes in cradle to grave government involvement in your life. Any government program that controls your life, if you want it to or not is what he stands for. I hate to tell you that fascism is what the LEFT is all about. Name one case that the Patriot act was used that trampled someone’s constitutional rights? Grant it, it does have the possibilities in the WRONG hands to do just that i.e. CLINTON. THAT IS WHY CHARACTER MATTERS!!!

The terrorists did not take down two skyscrapers; they KILLED innocent citizens in order to terrorize millions more. If they where in this country legally or not is not the issue!! No one could have connected the dots in pre 911 thinking. The issue isn’t why we didn't know but what prevented us from seeing all of the dots.

If you think McCain is another Bush then you really are not living in the reality. Isn't like 80 or 90 percent of Senate votes unanimous??? Also, I hate to mention this little fact but the President does NOT VOTE on ANYTHING!!!!

The war in Iraq is far from a war for oil because if it where we would NOT be trying to rebuild the country as a free state. We would have destroyed everything except the oil fields and then went in and secured the perimeter of the fields and started to ship it out!!! Your guy wants to tap into my wallet to pay for all the people who do not want to take any responsibility for their life. I call that Communism, Socialism or Marxism choose whichever ISM you want but I prefer CAPITALISM!! To me the other three are all different degree's of the same mentality.

By the way the communist party is on record supporting Obama.

jerry-of jerry and carl's eye on washington said...

Anonymous, Thanks for coming back and writing. I am not sure exactly what you are saying. Obama, not unlike most presidents, would have government programs that effect people's lives throughout their live span. There are laws regarding birth certificates, and death certificates and a lot of laws, rules and regulations are in-between. Bush has clearly supported, and passed into law, with John McCain's support as a Senator, "Cradle to Grave" government involvement in our lives. That will never change. Just walk into a hospital for services and you will see it clearly. Register your child into a public school and you will be confronted with it.

Fascism is clearly visible in the Patriot Act. Jose Padilla is one example of abuses in his right to the laws of a fair trial. That is one person with national visibility. I am not privy to others. I just a simple Joe with no connections.

You talk about Big Brother--the Patriot Act is clearly Big Brother in action. Just look at the gag order that was put on librarians from discussing the act in public.

How about the Act's suspension of due process, invasion of one's privacy, which allows for police, and intelligence agents to look through your house without notification, bank accounts, emails, personal records, listen in on phone conversations, surveillance of innocent citizens, etc. The GOP and Bush put this all into play! They established the ground rules for this invasion of our lives, and then, you want to say, "Well, what about it in the hands of Clinton." I don't get it! The GOP already said it is OK. You don't think for a minute that McCain won't play it like Bush? What island are you on?

Of course, the terrorists killed lives in those building that goes without saying. So, killing hundreds of thousands in Iraqis, and sending millions into exile is a justified answer that crime on 9-11?

McCain is another Bush. He voted for 90% of the laws that Bush signed. You really forgot that Bush did vote on Senate Bills. It was called Signing Statements--over 750 of them.

To believe that the war in Iraq was not for oil is ignoring Bush's call to protect the oil fields above anything else in Iraq. Even above the spent uranium waste that eventually was stolen by terrorists.

Rebuilding Iraq is a joke. The only the thing the administration cares to build is the Green Zone, indicating we will never leave until all the oil is gone, and the dozens of permanent bases scattered around the country. Build it as a free state? Are you kidding? Muqtada al-Sadr is as Shia as they come. He is a firebrand cleric with a militia behind him. Iraq is NOT free. It is a religious fundamentalist state, restricting the rights of women, ruled by sharia laws and not free constitutional laws. To believe so is ignoring the FACTS. He will likely be the next president of Iraq.

Anonymous, we have destroyed Iraq. It is a real mess. We aren't shipping out very much oil at all. It is shipping out only 2.5 million barrels per day, which is the amount that Russia, or India or Canada uses per day.

I believe your comment that "You guys want to tap into my wallet to pay for all the people who do not want to take any responsibility for their lives" is strange when BushCo has done just that with the richest Americans, huge tax breaks for multi-nationals, off-shore tax havens, and corporatists tapping into the Treasury for their bank bailouts, developer bailouts, investment broker/dealer bailouts, and no-bid contracts, etc. This is the GOP capitalism agenda.

And, the neo-nazi groups are supporting McCain.