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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

McCain's Hidden Truths

So, where is George W. Bush as the Heartland drowns from floods? Haven't we heard all of this before? Bush is MIA once again. Oh, he is on his MIA tour.

McCain is another missing mind. It is my belief that McCain is finished. He can barely get 200 gawkers at a campaign rally. He is more mechanized than a worn out GI Joe doll with barely functioning batteries. Not only that, McCain is stupid.   

Here is another one of McCain's finer moments:

Remember, McCain will veto every "beer" that crosses his desk, if he becomes president, in spite of the fact that his wife is a beer heiress! Only her brand will be allowed in the Oval Office.

Most Americans have had enough of the nation's worst presidents. McCain has so much in common with our---"They speak Latin in Latin America" Bush--- that it is not funny anymore!

McCain has made sure his Vietnam War records are hidden away from Americans because they would reveal very damaging information. Much has already been uncovered through McCain's own biographies, news releases, freedom of information act discoveries and public statements by others in the know.

McCain has wanted to remake himself into 'I was almost an admiral, but declined the offer to receive my first admiral star', even without the help of Carl Rove. He has done it almost all by himself.

In 1981, and reported in the New York Times on 5/29/08, all he did, at the time, was have the Secretary of the Navy John Lehman say it was almost so. Yet, no one else in the Navy ever recalled such a promotion in the making. But what is so interesting about this retired naval Kreskin is that he is now part of McCain's campaign. Lehman is now McCain's campaign national security advisor. 

In the article by Jeffery Klein, "McCain's Secret Questionable Record Stumble", HuffingtonPost, 6/16/08, a few admirals, who would have known if McCain was to follow in his daddy's and granddaddy's footsteps and become a Navy admiral, have said this comic book dream is not true.

McCain did not appear to have accomplished anything noteworthy while in the Navy. He graduated from the Academy at the bottom 1% of his class with an abysmal academic record, and was a mediocre pilot. His flight record was poor. His Top Gun status was actually ranked as Pea Shooter.

Are we not finished with stupid presidents and presidential candidates yet? Does the nation need to fall into total bankruptcy first? Do we need more sons of the privileged class, who are dumb and mediocre, with little to offer the nation, and who come from the elite class of citizens to make Gameboys the National Playtoy? I can see it now. A McCain poster dressed as Uncle Sam playing with his Gameboy and saying, "A Gameboy in every pocket!"

As a POW for 5-1/2 years, he willfully gave out military information/secrets to the enemy. He was the go-to guy when the Vietnamese wanted to know stuff. According to Retired Colonel Earl Pearson Hopper, McCain gave away life threatening information placing his fellow soldiers in jeopardy. It was reported by Retired Admiral Peter Booth and Retired Admiral John R. Batzler that they agreed with Retired Colonel Hopper. (In "John McCain: War Hero or North Vietnam's Go-To Collaborator?", Douglas Valentine,, 6/13-15/08).

McCain needs to have his military medical records released in full, and a complete report explaining his disability status.

Once in politics, McCain formed an allegiance with a group of neo-fascists known as the Project For A New American Century (PNAC).  These wackos also brought us George W. Bush, who drank their specially brewed Kool-Aid and after his personal conversation with God, went into Iraq.  And, we all know the rest of the story!

The PNAC did not prepare for over 4000 dead American soldiers, nearly 700,000 dead Iraqis, millions of displaced Iraqis, a vulnerable and less safe America, a devalued dollar, and the list goes on and on. But, this is all OK with them. The Iraq War is winnable and all will be fine. Curveball will be made made Secretary of State.

John McCain not only drank the Kool-Aid, too, but has bathed in it. He wants 100 more years in Iraq, and to further bankrupt: economically, politically, and morally the nation with his destructively inept agenda.

McCain has brought not only an army of lobbyists into his campaign cabal, even though he has expressed disdain for them while a senator, but has decided to dress up these neo-con Brown Shirts to direct his foreign and military policies. Here is the list:
---Robert Kagan, Randy Scheunemann, James Woolsey, John Bolton, Robert B. Zollick, Richard Armitage, Max Boot, and Henry Kissinger to name a few PNAC members. (You can read their bios in Klein's article.)

McCain is trying so hard to recessitate every puff of stale air from a dying Trojan horse built from the workshop of the very liars and con-artists who had so meticulously destroyed the fabric of this nation. 

These rusty tin soldiers from the caves of the Regressive Republican party brewed up a neo-fascist deadly potion which shifted the treasure of America into the arms of the wealthiest corporatists, who infiltrated the government so as to write the checks back to themselves, while changing the rules and the laws in order to make it work for their inner circle.

We see it in their outsourcing of American jobs, their push for free trade benefitting the wealthiest Americans, the NAFTA super highway project, the no-bid war contracts, the War on Terror, the Federal Reserve's bailouts, the destruction of the dollar's value, the takeover of our broadcast media in order to deliver their propagandist message, the subversion of our Constitution and the stripping of working America's wealth in order to enhance their own.

If John McCain is one thing, he is the embodiment of the Bush legacy, since he voted with Bush 95% of the time. He is not only a stupid man with the delusion of being a Maverick, but appears to be more of a psychologically damaged person filled with rage, no doubt, for giving secrets to the enemy a generation ago and wanting to unleash his self-loathing and rage through more wars and killing, as well as creating a new fantasy of transforming himself into the nation's Admiral-in-Chief, of which he could never earn on his own, while hoping to lead his battalion of has-been Neo-cons back into the White House even before the carpets get cleaned.

The Republi-Con Regressive party must feel that candidates like Bush and McCain must be used to break the piggy bank in order to take what is inside even though they have no rightful claim to it.

For the sake of the nation and all that it represents, they must be stopped and shown the door to the sanitarium.

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