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Friday, April 18, 2008

Shame On You Hillary Clinton!

Shame on you Hillary Clinton! And, of course, John McCain has no shame, either. McCain may not hear the votes on earmarks because he turns off his hearing aides (those congressional gophers that listen for him to tell him what he is supposed to do.) As he said, he knows nothing about economics and has to be told what it all means. Poor guy. If it wasn't for his elite status, he might actually be a working class stiff, like the rest of us.

Let us look at the elitist presidential candidates and rank them. 1. And 2. McCain and Clinton. 3. Obama.

How could McCain bring up the word elitist without including himself? Here he is born into social status and economic prosperity. After dumping his first wife, he then married into even more social status and even greater economic prosperity. Does McCain socialize with the working stiffs of Arizona or Washington? I doubt it.

Hillary also is an elitist. After law school, she found her way into the arms of Sam Walton. Not of John Boy fame, but of Wal-Mart (de)-fame. She was on the board of Wal-Mart. It does not get more elitist than that. Next, she moves to the governor's mansion and begins to cloak herself around the State of Arkansas' most elite high rollers. Did she make regular pancake breakfast jaunts, on those pleasant Sunday mornings, with the New York Times in hand, to clank coffee cups with Betty Mae over at Juniors Juke J0int Breakfast Haunt, and share dem stories about the best fishin' holes? I doubt it.

How did Barack get started in law? He was spending his time in Chicago doing hometown work. Not too elitist from what I can gather. So, shame on you Hillary Clinton!!

It is too bad that Hillary has shown what she really is and could very well be a  compulsive liar and one not to be trusted with anything she says or pledges to the American people. I believe she is compulsive or delusional.

She began her decent into the cushion of the psychiatrist's couch when she told us of her great trip to Bosnia with Sinbad, the comedian, as they flew to the war zone in March of 1996. She dodged sniper fire as she stood for photo shoots with a few groups of people, hugged a local school girl, while hanging out with the troops. WOW!! She Bad!! Don't mess with this gal 'cause sniper fire don't mean shit to her. She brushed those bullets off like they were packing popcorns. Mr. Bill's womanizing was a heckuva lot worse than sniper fire. That visit was a walk in the park!

Next, was her story about this pregnant woman losing her baby, as well as her own life, because she could not afford the $100.00 hospital bill. Another fairy tale lie to sweet talk the American voter into believing that she is credible, trustworthy, and human? It appears not to be so. The American people are not so convinced that she fits any of those three descriptors.

And then, she wants us to believe that she does not support free trade nor the Columbian Trade Agreement. Back in 1992, President Clinton pushed the Republican driven trade agreements--NAFTA and GATT--down our throats making the American worker believe that it would be good for us. Hillary supported those agreements by going around the country and stumping for their passage. 

Next, President Clinton and Congress passed the Financial Modernization Act of 1999, which basically took all significant regulation away from the financial sector allowing the banksta gangstas to sell debt for huge profits off the books and take the nation into the massive credit bubble we are submersed in today.

She says she is not for the Columbian Trade Agreement, yet her top campaign strategist, Mark Penn, stepped down although not fired and still working for her, because he had been lobbying on behalf of the corrupt president of Columbia, through the Columbian embassy in Washington, to get the trade agreement passed in Congress. He is the CEO of the very powerful firm named Burson-Marsteller. They are a big player in the peddling of the "influence" game so often written about in Washington. Penn's subsidiary, BKSH, has their dirty PR hands in Blackwater USA, too, as well as with other major multi-national corporations contracting with the Pentagon and the war.

Now, if this wasn't enough, she claimed that she had a significant role to play in the Northern Ireland Good Friday peace agreement. She admits she did not sit at the negotiating table, but, nevertheless, "played an instrumental role". I guess she played bagpipes and pan flutes.

Finally, there are her votes for the surge and the Iraq war. She told a crowd in Texas as she headed into the primaries, that the United States had given the Iraqis "the gift of freedom, the greatest gift you can give someone. Now, it is up to them to determine whether they take that gift." HUH? After we killed 1-2 million Iraqis (depending on who you read), displaced another 2 million, and replaced their dictator with a powerful occupying force that represents all the values they don't want for themselves, she actually believes they have freedom and now it is up to them to make it happen? She is NUTS!! She has shown herself to be a full-blown elitist and totally out-of-touch with the real world; and, not Obama.

During and after her 2005 trip to Iraq, she said she did not believe that we should develop a timetable to exit Iraq because it would give "signals to the terrorist and the insurgents that all they have to do is wait us out." "I don't believe we should tie our hands or the hands of the Iraqi government." Then she later said, "There can be no doubt that it is not in America's interests for the Iraqi government, the experiment in freedom and democracy, to fail."

So I guess she and McCain have a similar view--100 more years in Iraq in order to make sure that democracy and freedom prevail, so a Shia government will never materialize. UH? That is what is over there now! The last time I looked Nouri al-Maliki is a Shia, and the Parliament is made up of sectarian fundamentalists from various tribal regions of the country that are battling it out for ultimate power. There is no democracy and there is no freedom. So Hillary, after nearly 6 years of war and occupation, when will the experiment begin?

McCain has come out with a stale bunch of ideas:

-----The gas tax idea--I guess he has forgotten that gas taxes, most often, go to repair our
        transportation infrastructure, which is badly in disrepair.

-----Earmarks--He said he will veto any bill with earmarks stuffed inside of it. I guess he 
        forgets that many earmarks are dollars going back to home states and districts to fund
        many necessary projects, such as public infrastructure. Yes, John, there are those earmarks
        that are ridiculous, and they should be canned. Therefore, how about making earmarks 
        fully transparent and attached to bills presented on specific dates of the year.

-----McCain was key in the de-regulation of the financial sector bring about the financial crisis
       we are presently engulfed in now! And then, he was involved in the Keating 5 scandal.

-----McCain wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, yet he voted against it when Bush got
        them passed. So, why now? I guess he wants more big fund raising contributions from
       the billionaire elites and Bush elite supporters. (I talk in the video blog about how much               the rich will get in tax cuts. They will get nearly 400,000 per person!)

-----McCain continues to vote against our soldiers. He now will vote against them getting
        a full GI-bill for a college education. He feels they don't deserve a full ride through school.
        I guess, they did not sacrifice enough for him!

-----McCain has been critical of China for killing 100 Tibetans during the uprising, and 
        apparently objecting to their occupation of Tibet; yet, he says nothing of our occupation
        of Iraq and all the destruction that has been done.

Hillary voted for the following:

------She voted for the use of cluster bombs in Iraq, which is a reason so many civilians have 
         been killed, especially children.

-----She voted to give the Telecom industry no immunity from prosecution for giving up OUR
        identity to the government so they could spy on us Americans.

-----She supports giving voters payolla for her support. 

1 comment:

Clifton said...

Nice show guys. Unless an Obama-led government can enact stronger balanced budget controls, it will have no choice but to maintain the same level of government debt that it inherits from the neocons. Otherwise, Obama will make the same mistake Clinton did. He brought down the debt but this just made it easier for Bush to run up a new debt on guns.

Speaking of green, DC starts "Smartbike DC" next month ( - hope this European concept catches on everywhere.